ParticularsTimelines for completion of the activity at the Exchange
Deposit request*On submission of all documents to the warehouse and payments to assayers, credit in beneficiary account within 7 days of fresh deposit
Withdrawal request *Physical delivery to be initiated within 2 days of tendering remat request at the warehouse under normal circumstances
Assayers certificate* *4 days of request and payment of assayers fees
Monthly warehouse Stores charges bill to CPsBy 10th of the subsequent month
Sales Tax Details :
1. Buyer DetailsBuyer details should be updated in the sales tax module by 3:00 PM on T+3 day.
2. Seller DetailsSeller details should be updated in the sales tax module by 3:00 PM on T+4 day.
Receipt / payment of sales tax amountIf sales tax is applicable and seller has updated the information on the NCFE web portal by T+4 day, then the sales tax amount will be received by the seller on T+5.
Issuance of Sales/Excise invoices by sellersSeller should provide the detail of invoices on NCFE Web Portal by end of the day of T+5.
Receipt of Sales/Excise invoices by buyersSeller should dispatch the Invoice documents by T+7 so that the Buyer receives the same by T+9.
Reporting of non-receipt of valid Sales/Excise invoices to the ExchangeDiscrepancies in invoice/documents or non-receipt of documents by buyer has to be reported to the Exchange by T+9.

* Except cotton 
** Subject to quantity & actual deliveries happening at warehouse