In case of repeated shortfall in Daily MTM settlement pay-in; viz. ‘Mark to Market Pay-in’ in case of Futures contracts, ‘Premium Pay-in’ in case of Options and CTT Payin, over and above the existing practice following action shall be taken by NCCL -:

In case of a shortfall in meeting pay-in obligations by a Member over Rs. 3.00 Lakh is observed on three occasions in past 30 days, then:

  1. An amount equivalent to cumulative funds shortage of the past 30 days shall be blocked from the deposits of the clearing member.
  2. The amount shall be blocked for a period of 30 days and shall be released only if no further funds shortages are reported for the member during the said period.
  3. The amount blocked shall not be available towards any margin benefit.
  4. A report shall be provided to the Clearing Members on daily basis giving details of the amount blocked from their deposits for repeated instances of shortfall in pay-in